What is pure love?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I have seen many different understanding of love. Many different ideas shared by different cultures.

Pure love is not 'love love love...'
As the English says.

Pure love cannot be contained in 'love to the core...'
As the American says.

Pure love is not the wisdom given by 'love even when you are insulted...'
As the Indian says.

In fact,

The pure love is encapsulated in the wisdom shared by the Ancient Arabs.
It goes as follows.
"No matter how far you are with your beloved, your love will not wear away even little...
No matter how long you stay close to your beloved, your love will not get tired even little..."

The rest is for you to figure out as you live your life. After all, brevity is the mother of literature.!
Try it out to measure your love, if you are in the world of love.
Good Luck. :) :D

Innocent Love

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  1. pure love? a strange concept for me.


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