Him vs His Fate

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#True Story.

He had a brother. He loved him very much. His brother was three years younger than him. They grew up together with everything helping them stay closer.

Though his brother had lots of friends, and those friends had more influence on his brother, he and his brother always found themselves in the monsoon spring flower's richness that causes honeybees to come with brotherly passion. Their life was as that of the daffodils who dance in group that caught little William Wordsworth's attention.


His love he expressed to God daily. He thanked God for everything. And his heart beamed with satisfaction after talk with the Giver-of-Everything.

God was Awesome. God was more than Awesome. And our big boy knew there was victory only with God. And that satan and his people are the enemies of God's people.
His little mind reasoned that God had given everyone a great life. And satan disobeyed God.

Years passed by...

After finishing schooling, one day, when he was cycling his brother down the alley, they met with an accident. His brother died.

He didnt know what to do. His brother died young, and will enter heaven granted. But still.
Life Change. Could not Overcome.

Days passed by...

His heart started reasoning love. Love to his brother. And love to God. And mind overcame heart. He stopped prayers. Began life of an atheist.
Heart. Empty.

Years passed by...

When he started to do his degree courses, people asked about him. His family. He had to explain the accident. He explained it. Once. Twice. Thrice. A thousand times. To different people. Some cared. Some acted. Some changed topic. Some got irritated.

But then, he found friends among them. And came accross one friend, whom he started to reason with. He got his friend to realize, that his heart was empty, cold, and longing for true love.

He reasoned with his friend about God. Unlike before, he started to lose the reasoning. His heart started getting filled with something. But he preferred it empty. Because why-did-his-brother-die still remained.

Days passed by...

Later on an evening, resting under the shade of a banyan tree, in front of the lake filled with lotus and the sunlight showering across the glittering ripples caused by fishes coming to the top, it suddenly crosses his mind. He gets up from the bushy grass and walks to the lakeshore. It is true! All of it is true.

Love. Life.
All Back.

Heart won over reason.
Love won over reason.

He had heard his brother's friends had turned to terrorism and other evil practices. About a week ago he had talked with one of them. This guy had lost all his glamour and good looks. The guy was like, 'life of treachery is awesome'. This startled him now. What if. Thank God!

What if his brother was alive? What if his brother go in the wrong path of life. And end up evil? And that was very possible! What if his brother was led to a meaningless life? All those years blaming God, became meaningless. God is the Best of planners. Because He Takes future into account too.

And now God has taken his brother young. Into God's care. So that his brother could live immortal in heaven. Otherwise he would have to perish perenially in hell - 'Thats what I had wanted',  he thought.
And what God Wanted was Best.

Fate Perfect.
Future Checked.
Love Perfect.
God Supreme.

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